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Here’s How You Can Post GIFs on Facebook – Lifewire

Here’s How You Can Post GIFs on Facebook – Lifewire

Facebook has made it super easy for you to share GIFs, but there are some limitations. You can: Find a link to a GIF hosted on another site, like Imgur or Giphy. Copy and paste the link into your status, which will automatically detect that it’s an animation and will place a GIF icon over it.

Why does animated GIF just give link, not post as image? – Facebook

Was trying to post this animated gif to my page and it just gives a link to the image , but doesn’t actually insert the animated gif as I have had happen in the past. Not sure what’s going on. Facebook won’t let me link in here, but you can cut and paste the image and fix the dot >>>>>>i.imgur DOT com/pxmH9Pt.gif<<<<<.

You Can Finally, Actually, Really, Truly Post GIFs on Facebook – Wired

It’s easy: Just drop the link to the GIF of choice in the status update bar, and post away. GIFs can come from wherever as well—Imgur, Tumblr, a Google Image search, wherever. Before, we were hemmed in by needing Giphy’s catalog ( which remains excellent, for the record), but no longer. It appears that …

How to Post a GIF on Facebook – Tech Advisor

As you can’t upload your own GIF files to Facebook, you’ll need to upload your homemade files to a cloud storage service that allows direct linking, Or you can just find a premade GIF on a site such as Tumblr, Imgur, Giphy or elsewhere.

Sharing Posts, GIFs, GIFvs, and Images – Imgur

Joey doesn’t share food Even if you’re not into sharing food, you may occaisionally want to share some of the hillarious posts you see…

Gif Preview on Facebook – Imgur – Imgur Community

Well, here I have my page > I’ve only got these 2 posts, both are gifs that I uploaded to Imgur, just copypasted the . gifv link into the post and you can see they have different results, one has preview and the other not. If it’s a Facebook problem then I don’t know …

Getting GIFs to work on Facebook: A guide. – Album on Imgur

Post with 85 votes and 28800 views. Shared by stupidlittlekids. Getting GIFs to work on Facebook: A guide.

How to post a GIF on Facebook | Trusted Reviews

How to post a gif on Facebook: Learn how to post those addictive pics to Facebook. … With that in mind then, let’s have a look at how you go about posting a GIF to your Facebook Timeline. … The easiest solution therefore is to bookmark one of the main GIF resource sites, such as Giphy, Tumblr or Imgur.

Now You Can Embed Images And GIFs From Imgur | TechCrunch

In other words, the company says that when you’re looking at any public image or GIF on Imgur, you’ll now find an embed option in the “Post Options” menu, allowing you to copy a line of HTML and reproduce the content on your site. Not that it was all that hard before to download and reupload an image.

You can now Send GIFs from Imgur Directly in Facebook Messenger …

send funny Imgur GIFs directly from Imgur in Facebook Messenger in android and iOS for free.

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